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Hidden Ruzafa Wine & Tapas Tour
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The hip neighborhood of Ruzafa is full of local gems to discover, which is where this walking wine tasting tour will take place! After starting the night with a quintessential Spanish aperitif, you’ll visit a century-old bodega and try local wines from Valencia. And, of course, this wine experience would not be complete without the city’s best tapas! Along the way, you’ll explore a 15th-century church, discover the city’s rich gastronomic traditions and learn how to do tapas just like the locals!

You’ll start your night off at a century-old Spanish wine store! This is where locals have been coming generation after generation to buy their wine, and it’s where you’ll try vermouth—a classic Spanish aperitif—with cured ham and cheese.

On the way to our next tasting stop, you’ll see the heart of this vibrant neighborhood—its local market—and understand why markets are so important in Spanish culture. You’ll also discover a local store very unique to Valencia and its famous annual festival Las Fallas!

At the next stop, it’s time for some wine! You’ll be trying a local white wine produced in Valencia, and you’ll discover why you’d almost never order a glass of wine by the grape in Spain. Along with the wine, you’ll taste an essential Spanish ingredient—salted cod—fried into a delicious salt cod fritter.

And then we’re off again, onto the next bar, where you’ll taste a Valencian red wine. This bar’s a haven for great fare, too, so you’ll be trying tender stewed pork cheeks and spicy patatas bravas! Finally, we’ll finish up with something sweet— a dessert called torrijas—Spain’s answer to French toast!

And as with all Devour Valencia tours, your guide will give you a copy of our Devouring Valencia guide, which is packed with all our favorite places to eat and drink in the city! So put down your guidebook and get ready to experience Valencia like a local!

Valencia Food & Market Adventure
Valencia Food & Market Adventure Image

Many visitors come to Valencia in search of paella, not realizing there is so much more to discover in this beautiful city! Join us on this three-hour food and cultural adventure to delve a bit deeper and go past the paella! This foodie adventure includes seven delicious food stops and countless cultural stops, including a visit to our stunning Central Market, a century-old wine store, and a historic tapas bar! In between tasting delicious food and learning about Spanish culture, you’ll get a glimpse of some of the city’s best sights and hear about the city’s unique traditions, all while learning Valencia’s storied past.

You’ll start the day by having breakfast the local way at a century-old bar where you’ll try two local specialties—fartons and horchata—while your food-loving guide explains just what they are and the story behind them!

Next up, your guide will whisk you away for a walk around the city center, telling you stories to help bring Valencia’s history to life before arriving to the Central Market. This emblematic market is well-known for its wide array of fresh produce and local products! While here, you’ll try delicious local sandwiches, and sample cured hams and cheeses before heading off to explore the market’s many stalls. You’ll also learn about the ingredients that make up our famous paella, and so much more!

After the market visit, you’ll head to one of our favorite tapas bar—a locals only joint, this hole-in-the-wall stop is hidden in plain sight! You’ll try some of Valencia’s best local tapas here! Then we’re off again, to continue our walk around the city center and to discover more of Valencia’s fabulous monuments.

We’ll stop by and see where the weekend Water Tribunal takes place—and your guide will explain this fascinating tradition—before finishing off with two very different (but equally delicious!) sweet surprises at the end!

At the end of your tour, your expert guide will be happy to provide tips and suggestions for the rest of your trip. And as with all Devour Valencia tours, you’ll receive our Devouring Valencia Guide! Packed with all our favorite places to eat, drink and shop, it’s the perfect guide to discover even more of the city!

Private Tours & Corporate Experiences
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Each of our delicious food and tapas tours is available as a private experience