Cheers! Our Top 5 Wine Bars in Valencia

Bodega Fila is one of the most popular wine bars in Valencia among locals and a great place to enjoy Spanish deli products like the famous jamón while you sip your wine.

Relaxing with a glass of wine is a universal pleasure, but no culture has perfected this fine art quite like Spain. Whether you prefer a deep, flavorful red or a bubbly glass of sparkling cava, Spain has just as many delicious varieties of wine as it does places to enjoy it. As Spain’s third-largest city, Valencia […]

Got a Sweet Tooth? 7 Typical Desserts from Valencia

Turrón is one of the desserts from Valencia that has become popular all over Spain, especially at the holidays.

Valencia’s culinary traditions are rich and bursting with flavor, and the same can be said of its desserts. Many different cultures have influenced the tasty desserts that valencianos have enjoyed for generations. Common ingredients like oranges and almonds allude to its Moorish past, while influences from Catalonia to the north are obvious in other sweets. Today, all […]

Take a Break: Top Day Trips from Valencia

Peñíscola is one of the most beautiful day trips from Valencia. Just look at that view!

As exciting as Valencia is, sometimes you need to get away from the hustle and bustle of a big city. Luckily, the city’s prime location on Spain’s eastern coast is ideal for traveling to other nearby cities and towns, making it easy to escape for a day. While Valencia itself is bursting with vibrant color […]

Shop Til You Drop: The Best Markets in Valencia

Mercado Central is one of the most famous markets in Valencia and in all of Spain!

Valencia’s vibrant streets are bursting with local color and flavors, and the diverse array of markets that fill them are no different. Valencia’s markets are as varied as the city itself. You’ll find the largest fresh food market in Europe and a collection of stalls in a humble former fishing village. They also provide the […]

Rise and Shine: Where to Eat the Best Breakfast in Valencia

Brunch Corner is a great option for breakfast in Valencia if you'd like to try something besides typical Spanish breakfast!

Breakfast is the most important meal in the day, even more so in Valencia! With so much to see and do in Valencia, it’s important to start your day off right. Whether you prefer a traditional Spanish desayuno or a trendy, modern brunch, there’s no shortage of options in this cosmopolitan city. No matter what your tastes, […]

The Ultimate Guide to Eating Gluten Free in Valencia

With such a heavy emphasis on bread and bread products in the Spanish diet, you would be forgiven for thinking eating gluten free in Valencia would be a challenge—think again! From a tostada at breakfast to fresh bread to mop up the delicious sauces at dinner, bread is everywhere in Spain. However, what is surprising […]

Small Plates, Big City: Top Tapas Bars in Valencia

Casa Montaña is one of the classiest tapas bars in Valencia.

Enjoying a night out complete with tasty tapas, endless drinks and good company is an integral part of Spanish culture. Although tapas aren’t typically associated with Valencian cuisine (that honor goes to paella!), valencianos have adopted this beloved tradition as well. As Spain’s third-largest city, there are endless options for an evening de tapeo in Valencia. Although it’s […]