Travel in Style at the Best Boutique Hotels in Valencia

Looking for something stylish, unique and charming for your accommodation? These boutique hotels in Valencia are just what you need! Accommodation is a crucial part of organizing a visit to a new city. With so many options across different neighborhoods, it can be a nightmare trying to decide where to stay. Whether you’re traveling on a […]

Create Unique Memories: 5 Authentic Souvenirs from Valencia

Artisan ceramics and socarrat tiles make beautiful souvenirs from Valencia.

Don’t just buy the same exact t-shirt or magnet millions of other people have! Valencia is a beautiful, unique city that deserves to be remembered in style. While it’s easy to pop into one of the city’s many souvenir shops, don’t fall into the tourist trap! Consider a unique, locally made souvenir to remember your […]

Check In At Our Favorite Cafes With WiFi in Valencia

It’s a situation we’ve all experienced: You’re in a new city, you need to check in with friends or family or simply want to research your next food stop, but you have no internet! What to do? That’s where these cafes with WiFi in Valencia come in! The internet is hugely useful when traveling. Be […]

Veggie-Friendly Bites: Where to Eat Vegetarian Tapas in Valencia

Ana Eva offers some of the best vegetarian tapas in Valencia, prepared with vegetables from their own garden.

Enjoy the foodie fun in Valencia even without the meat! In the past, Spain was infamous for its lack of vegetarian options. Although some dishes were listed as vegetariano, they often included hidden tuna or jamón. Luckily, however, times are changing. Many restaurants all over the Iberian peninsula are finally including more and more options for customers who […]

Off the Beaten Path: 6 Hidden Gems in Valencia

Check out the incredible street art in the El Carmen neighborhood if you're looking for hidden gems in Valencia!

Many of the millions of tourists who visit Valencia each year go to see the city’s most iconic sites: the cathedral, the Central Market and more. However, while we love these famous landmarks, there’s so much more to Valencia! There are many hidden gems in Valencia most tourists don’t even know exist. Not sure where […]

6 Delicious Experiences in Valencia for Foodies

You love paella, now learn to make it yourself! This is one of the most unique experiences in Valencia for foodies.

Eat and drink your way through Spain’s third-largest city with these fun foodie activities in Valencia! Valencia might just be foodie paradise. It’s located on Spain’s glittering eastern coast, making it a prime spot for fresh Mediterranean seafood. Just outside the city, lush rice paddies produce one of the region’s most important ingredients. Its Moorish […]

Where to Stay in Valencia: A Neighborhood Guide

Not sure where to stay in Valencia? If sightseeing is your main goal, consider the Old Town (Ciutat Vella).

From charming European cobblestone streets to trendy hipster hangouts, there’s a neighborhood in Valencia for everyone. It’s nearly impossible to get bored while exploring Valencia’s diverse variety of neighborhoods. Even if one district isn’t your cup of tea, there’s bound to be one that is—and half the fun is figuring out which one! If you’re […]

Cheers! Our Top 5 Wine Bars in Valencia

Bodega Fila is one of the most popular wine bars in Valencia among locals and a great place to enjoy Spanish deli products like the famous jamón while you sip your wine.

Relaxing with a glass of wine is a universal pleasure, but no culture has perfected this fine art quite like Spain. Whether you prefer a deep, flavorful red or a bubbly glass of sparkling cava, Spain has just as many delicious varieties of wine as it does places to enjoy it. As Spain’s third-largest city, Valencia […]

Got a Sweet Tooth? 7 Typical Desserts from Valencia

Turrón is one of the desserts from Valencia that has become popular all over Spain, especially at the holidays.

Valencia’s culinary traditions are rich and bursting with flavor, and the same can be said of its desserts. Many different cultures have influenced the tasty desserts that valencianos have enjoyed for generations. Common ingredients like oranges and almonds allude to its Moorish past, while influences from Catalonia to the north are obvious in other sweets. Today, all […]